Yes Ammunition Shipments

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Yes Ammunition Shipments

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Auction Date:2024 Aug 17 @ 10:00 (UTC-6 : CST/MDT)
Location:11802-145 St, Edmonton, Alberta, T5L 2H3, Canada
11802-145 St NW, Edmonton
Call Brad To Consign 780-940-8378

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Buyers premium:
15% for cash, debit & email transfer (+3% additional for Visa & M/C)
Yes, we now ship ammo. Canadian Bidders Only.

-Ammunition, powder, primers, etc will be shipped through UPS Only. It is up to the buyer to confirm they live in a UPS shipping zone. Refunds will not be given if you buy something we cannot ship you. You must re-consign to future auctions or arrange your own courier.
-All other items will be shipped by Canada Post.
-Invoices containing both firearms and ammo will be split between both shipping companies accordingly.

-Rates are calculated using UPS's rate guide. The metal components of ammo are heavy and rates go up accordingly.
-Labour and material costs are added to the shipping total.
-Example: a 1 lb box shipping from Alberta to Ontario (zone 207) is a minimum of $50 for shipping and rises quickly. A 5 lb box is $68 minimum Standard

Estimate Your Shipping Costs:
For the most accurate estimates do the following.
-Open the pdf file Zone Guide for area Zone 40 (Edmonton, Alberta shipments).
-Find the first 3 digits of your postal code on page 6 to get your "zone number"
-Open pdf file UPS Rate Guide by Zone Numbers
-On pages 80-83 find your zone number to see prices by package weight.
If your postal code is not listed in those files, you are NOT in a UPS shipping zone.

Shipping Timeline
-All ammo invoices will be packaged and shipped as a single manifest. This will happen 2-3 weeks after the auction depending on the auction. Other items are shipped first by Canada Post.